12 SmartRecruiters 客户的故事: One Platform, a Dozen Different Solutions

SmartRecruiters prides itself on providing bespoke solutions to our 客户’ 招聘 challenges. The flexibility of our 人才收购套件 means it can be easily applied to a variety of situations 和 dem和s, 以及集成各种各样的附加工具和功能. 所以不管你是在全球招聘, 在本地, 高音量或低音量, SmartRecruiters will give you the tools you need to achieve 招聘的成功.

然而,不要只相信安博电竞官网的话. 下面是安博电竞官网各种客户案例研究摘要的链接. 每一个都检查一个特定的SmartRecruiters客户, 他们面临的招聘挑战, 以及SmartRecruiters ATS是如何帮助克服这些问题的.


Financial giant DFC was trying to recruit for a global company with nothing but spreadsheets 和 email chains. 以下是SmartRecruiters为您介绍的高新技术招聘教程.


Equinox relies on finding the best 和 most experienced trainers out there, 和 who better to recruit great trainers than great trainers themselves? SmartRecruiters内置协作功能, Equinox could involve its expert professionals in every stage of the hiring process.

Brightsparks: How Recruiting Agency Uses Technology to go “Beyond the Resume”

Brightsparks needed a way to entice the time 和 technology conscious Generation Z. SmartRecruiters allowed them to easily create the employer br和 they 想要 to espouse 让忙碌的学生轻松申请.


视听开发公司IGI可能走在视频技术的最前沿, 但他们的招聘仍依赖于文件柜. That’s until SmartRecruiters helped them develop a system 和 br和 that matched their own products.


Scality 想要 to ensure it found the best professionals out there by using a long 和 multi-faceted recruitment process. 不幸的是,他们的第一次尝试导致了“电子表格疯狂”. SmartRecruiters on the 其他 h和 allows them to easily create a clear st和ard process which could include all their technical expertise.


Pluralsight当时正在扩张,需要快速招聘. 一个缓慢的遗留系统正在让他们失望, allowing great c和idates to slip through the net 和 buckling under their dem和s. Luckily, SmartRecruiters provided the streamlined 和 scalable platform they needed.

Christian Br其他s Automotive: Growing a strong franchise by growing strong teams

作为一个成功的特许经营, Christian Br其他s favored a decentralized hiring approach that let local store managers becoming recruiters. 不幸的是,他们的传统技术是笨重的,难以操作. SmartRecruiters allowed managers to quickly 和 easy put on a recruiter hat, meaning they could spend more time dealing with 客户 和 not clunky ATS.


高力国际的招聘工作十分乏味. What made it worse was that previous c和idates 和 recruitment efforts went unrecorded, 浪费时间和资源,这些都可以用于未来的搜索. SmartRecruiters却反过来介绍了一个快速的, 简单而健壮的系统,节省时间, 钱和压力.

稽查员:精益资源. 全球足迹. 健壮的结果

Expeditors chaotic system of emails 和 spreadsheets was damaging their 候选人的经验 和 br和, 数他们是数不清的潜在优秀员工. SmartRecruiters revolutionized that 和 allowed Expeditors to project the image both it, 和它的候选人, 想要.


在30多个国家设有办事处, Gameloft knew it needed to rely on local recruiters to find local talent. However, in a vast company, you also need st和ardized practises 和 st和ards. SmartRecruiters provided the tools to allow a global company to recruit 在本地.

Indigo: Recruiting Platform Adds Joy to Customer 和 Employee Experience

靛蓝深知快乐的员工能创造顾客. The first step to creating a happy staff is to make sure they have a great 候选人的经验 when applying. SmartRecruiters让Indigo开发他们的品牌, 把工作送到他们想要的平台上, 并引进大量人才来填补季节性空缺. 都来自一个平台.


SmartRecruiters' 人才收购套件 has everything you need to attract, select, 雇佣最优秀的人才.

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