Staying on top of current 招聘趋势 is one of the best ways to craft a successful hiring strategy. 这在当前尤其重要, 美国和全球经济正走向一个不确定的未来.

招聘形势在不断变化. 与此同时,一系列外部因素正在影响美国经济.S. 经济和企业的招聘能力. 作为一个结果, there’s more pressure on employers 和 staffing agencies to be on top of their game when it comes to sourcing top talent.  

A huge part of this is underst和ing the key trends that are shaping the market; 和 adapting your hiring practices accordingly. 在这篇文章中, 安博电竞官网将带你看看这些趋势是什么样的, 提供关于如何最大化它们以达到最佳结果的清晰见解. 

1. 工作模式的改变 

Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5; especially right now when more people are working from home than ever before due to social distancing measures. 同时,根据 美国人力资源协会, 16 million temporary 和 contract employees are hired throughout the course of the year; so clearly, 临时工占美国劳动力的很大一部分.S. 劳动力. 

临时工越来越受欢迎的原因有很多. 在大多数情况下, people want more flexibility 和 working part-time or on a contractual basis gives them the freedom to balance their personal 和 professional lives effectively. 

除此之外,根据 TrueBlue和Emsi的一项研究, the main reason why people take on gig work is to earn extra income; followed by a desire to get their foot in the door with a company. 

此外,发现 人力资源行业分析师 美国约有5300万人从事零工工作.S. 在2018年,34%的美国人.S. 去年从事零工/临时工作的工人. 

显然,零工经济代表着全球就业形势的转变. 专业人士出于必要和选择,选择在合同的基础上工作. 特别是在目前的经济形势下,工作保障很低. 

但这对你的招聘工作意味着什么? 好吧, 如果你发现很难雇佣全职员工, 或许值得去找零工. 这完全取决于你公司的需求是什么. 

2. 数据驱动的招聘 

招聘专业人士需要掌握的另一个趋势是数据驱动的招聘. 更大的压力去雇佣合适的人, 成本和时间都有效, many organizations have turned to data to help them make smarter hiring decisions; 和 avoid unconscious bias. 

如果你正致力于实现关键指标,这将非常有用. 例如,你可能想要测量你的 招聘速度 to see how efficient your hiring process is; alternatively, you might look at your 招聘预算 确保你在招聘活动上没有超支. 

不管你追踪的是哪个指标, 您将需要开始收集和分析数据,以便有效地完成这项工作. 申请人跟踪系统(ATS)使这一点变得很容易做到, 但你也可以使用其他工具,比如谷歌Analytics. 

The type of data you might capture includes: how long it takes for people to complete your application forms, 你的招聘广告有多少点击会转化为申请, 你的工作要多久才能收到, 你通过招聘工具获得了多少投资回报率. 

一旦您收集了这些数据,您就可以使用它来做出明智的决定. 例如, if it’s taking too long for people to complete applications (or they’re ab和oning them altogether), 也许你需要删减表格,或者重新考虑你问的问题. 

最终, 您需要使用数据来做出明智的决定, 节省时间和金钱, 当然, 确保你能招到高质量的员工. 

3. 候选人的经验 

候选人已经掌握了美国的权力.S. 就业市场已经有一段时间了,考虑到最近的情况 经济数据 在劳动力市场上,求职者的经验比以往任何时候都更重要.  

毕竟, people are more likely to accept your offers if they have a positive route to hire; 和 reputation matters in the current market. 因此,这是你需要掌握的一个关键招聘趋势. 

This is especially true as there are more avenues for c和idates to air their views online than ever before. 无论是社交媒体, or employee review sites; people aren’t afraid to share any negative experiences with 其他 prospective c和idates, 可能会让他们不愿意申请你的工作, 参加面试, 或者接受你的工作机会. 

那么,是什么造就了积极的候选人经历呢? 这一切都从你的招聘广告开始. You need to write this with the c和idate in mind; what do they want to know? 什么会让他们想要申请? 使用吸引人的语言,用要点分隔文本,这样更容易阅读. 如果你的广告写得不好或者没有意义,你就会在第一个障碍上失败. 

然后你需要考虑申请流程和下一步. 如果他们为了表现出对这个职位的兴趣而不得不经历很多困难, 他们可能会完全放弃. 类似的, 如果面试轮太多的话, they may lose interest 和 go with an其他 employer who’s willing to offer them the job quicker. 

归根结底,沟通是关键. 把它看作是建立关系的练习. 为了让候选人对职位和品牌感兴趣,你需要投入工作. 承认的应用程序, keep them up to date throughout the hiring process 和 don’t wait too long to offer the job. This will speed up your hiring process 和 improve their experience; it’s a win-win. 

4. 机器学习 & 自动化 

谈到招聘趋势,安博电竞官网不能不提到机器学习和自动化. 近年来,这两家公司在许多行业都有所斩获, helping to take over some of the more menial tasks 和 improving the overall user experience. 

在招聘行业,机器学习可能不是你自己实现的东西. Indeed, it’s something that industry suppliers are investing in to improve results for users. 在Resume-Library, 安博电竞官网使用机器学习来提高求职者工作匹配的相关性, 最终导致更多的人申请安博电竞官网客户的空缺职位. 

要做到这一点, we manually rated the relevancy of hundreds of thous和s of job postings against specific search terms, 在把这些信息输入“机器”之前.“然后机器就能将这种逻辑应用到安博电竞官网网站上的所有工作中, 确保候选人得到最相关的结果. 

An其他 popular way that companies use 机器学习 和 automation in their hiring practices is through resume screening. There are lots of areas of the hiring process that take up time 和 effort; with screening being one of them. 美国胸科协会的 SmartRecruiters 能够帮助你做出有效的、以数据为导向的招聘决策. 

There are plenty of 其他 areas that can be automated or that can benefit from 机器学习. 例如, assessment tools can help you underst和 how well someone will fit in your company 和 team, 以及他们是否有能力做这份工作. 

除此之外,还有一些工具可以帮助候选人参与工作. 聊天机器人, 例如, are useful for answering any questions applicants might have 和/or keeping them up to date on the progress of their application. Interview scheduling tools can help too 和 save a lot of back 和 forth between employers 和 c和idates. 

It’s worth considering what areas of your process need streamlining 和 how you can do this; it might require you to invest in some new technologies. 


Unfortunately, there are a range of external factors impacting companies’ ability to hire right now. But that’s why it’s more important than ever to stay on top of the latest trends 和 ensure your hiring process is fit for purpose. 

Take this time to look at its efficiency; are there areas that are slowing it down? 你花钱太多还是太少? 应聘者对你的在线品牌有什么评价?你如何改进? 这些都是你应该问自己的问题. 

在这, it’s worth speaking to your suppliers to see whether they’re staying on top of these trends 和 how they can help you meet your goals. 在Resume-Library,安博电竞官网 与SmartRecruiters合作 to enable its users to post jobs onto our site directly from their platform; 和 we’re launching a Resume 搜索 integration very soon.  

Both help to streamline the process 和 make it a lot smo其他 for c和idates 和 hiring professionals. 


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