Once Incarcerated, This CEO Now Helps Americans with Criminal Records Find Work

一个华尔街大佬是怎么进监狱的, 和 the company he launched after his release connects the formerly incarcerated with second-chance jobs.

三分之一的 American adults have criminal records – that’s 70 million people, 和 其中近75%的人仍处于失业状态 在他们被释放一年后. With few prospects to cover basic expenses, many ex-offenders return to illicit activities. 绝大多数人(89%)入不敷出 他们再次被捕时处于失业状态. 有犯罪前科的人身上的污名 系统地把他们排除在无数的就业机会之外目前的情况几乎没有改善的迹象.

回到90年代末,企业家 理查德·布朗森 found himself in a prison cell, wondering how he would turn his life around. A few years following his release, Bronson became the founder 和 CEO of 7000万个工作岗位, the first national employment platform for people with criminal records.

Seeking to provide 第二次机会s for the 三分之一的 Americans with conviction histories, 布朗森认为他的公司提供了“双重底线回报”, 做大量的社会公益事业以及建设大型建筑, 赚钱的生意.

为了更好地理解7000万个工作岗位是如何产生的, we talk to Bronson about his transition from prison cell to the C-suite. 这是他的故事.

服刑22个月后,我开始感到焦虑. I was sitting on my cot in a federal prison with eight weeks left on my two-year sentence for securities fraud, 而即将到来的自由只让我感到一件事:恐惧.

我从上世纪90年代初开始在华尔街工作, 在几家最大的投资银行工作过之后, 我转行到长岛的一家小经纪公司, Stratton Oakmont. You may know this company better as the infamous Wolf of Wall Street firm. 我在那里做得很好,很快就成了合伙人.

我的野心比斯特拉顿·奥克蒙特还要大, 一年后,我离开了公司,成立了自己的金融服务公司. Our success was swift; in 18 months, 我有500名员工, 年收入达到1亿美元. 我很快就变得非常富有.

正如《安博电竞》中描述的那样, our success came from conducting business the wrong way—the illegal way. I knew my behavior was wrong, but I told myself “everyone’s doing it.” I wish I could say it was a mistake or they got the wrong guy, but none of that was true. 我犯了证券欺诈罪. So, despite having paid everyone back, I was still—rightfully—punished with a prison sentence.

I came out of prison destitute 和 nearly homeless—thank God for a sister 和 her couch. I wanted to put the past behind me 和 live an honest, productive life. However, accomplishing this proved more daunting than I ever expected. Old friends deserted me 和 new acquaintances feared I was “radioactive”. Once they learned about my incarceration, many kept me at arm’s length. Over the next several years I went from one bad situation to an其他. 我想我完全学会了谦卑, 为数百名囚犯刷过厕所, 但是课才刚刚开始.

我最终在 违背企业该公司是再入太空领域著名的非营利组织. I loved the opportunity to help my br其他s 和 sisters as they struggled with their transition to freedom. It was deeply rewarding work—very good for my karma—but over time I became convinced that reentry was ready for disruption, 特别是以盈利为目的的方式.

所以我推出 7000万个工作岗位, 不知道是不是很大, national employers would be willing to pay to access our large community of job seekers. 安博电竞官网几乎马上就得到了答案:虽然安博电竞官网不卖所有的, 绝大多数人对安博电竞官网的工作非常感兴趣, while many have discovered that hiring folks with records is not only a great way to fill jobs but also a powerful step in asserting their leadership as fair-chance employers.

真正的英雄是安博电竞官网的求职者. 研究表明,他们中的许多人会成为雇主的最佳雇员. 原因很简单,他们别无选择, 他们知道自己必须表现出色才能保住工作. 他们知道雇主雇佣他们是在冒险. So, unlike many in our workforce, they typically reward their employer with greater retention. Great 性能 和 retention is a home run for any HR professional.


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