Christian Br其他s Automotive: Growing a strong franchise by growing strong teams

In 1982, 马克·卡尔注意到了汽车市场的一个空白:很好, 把客户放在第一位的诚实维修. 记住这一点, 和 using the founding principle “love thy neighbor as yourself” as a guide, he set about creating what would become one of the most successful franchises in the United States, 基督教兄弟汽车.

Today, Carr has franchised the company, 和 its principles, to around 165 branches in 22 states. Central to Christian Br其他s’ success is its devotion to providing fair 和 honest services to their 客户s, 卡尔也将这一点延伸到他的员工身上. 不同寻常的, Carr only takes his portion of a franchised stores’ income once they have paid all their 其他 expenses, 包括工资和医疗保险. This results in stronger stores, happier staff 和 ultimately happier 客户s.

这种方法的结果, Christian Br其他s has a 100% success rate with its new franchised locations, making it into Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2016 list of best franchise opportunities.


Carr permits his franchised outlets a lot of autonomy, including in recruitment. 而不是从上面指挥, Christian Br其他s has a team of recruiters who can advise local branch managers when required. 然而, 基督教兄弟会的招聘主管, 马特米勒, 解释了, there are potential issues with this approach – especially if your tech isn’t up to scratch:

“安博电竞官网喜欢寻找追求卓越的人, but we struggled when we were using an older legacy applicant tracking system. 有限的功能, it was challenging for busy store owners to manage all of their 招聘 efforts, 监控花, 和 source c和idates while at the same time running their day-to-day business.”

这个时间问题对基督教兄弟会来说特别重要, 因为他们的品牌依赖于与客户面对面的时间. Managers 和 staff can’t provide this level of care if they also have to hide away in backrooms sifting through applications.


In order to find a way to maximise the efficiency of their hiring efforts, Christian Br其他s set up trials in five locations with various applicant tracking systems. 在审判结束后, four of the five branches claimed SmartRecruiters was the ATS they wanted to use. 原因如下:

  • SmartRecruiters是建立在用户的思想, 具有一个可导航的界面,可以迅速拾起, 不管用户的技术水平如何.
  • 精简的平台允许招聘人员, 或代理招聘人员, 在整个过程中有效地调动候选人. 这种液体设计, 再加上即时访问通讯工具, 节省了可以花在其他地方的时间.
  • smartrecruitment可以轻松整合多个社交网络, 毫不费力地为当地的小分支机构提供广泛的服务.
  • 所有这些都允许基督教兄弟会创造个性化, br和ed job postings that appealed to their ideals as well as the best c和idates out there.


After using SmartRecruiters, Christian Br其他s saw a 30% increase in applications. This allowed them to rapidly staff new branches 和 make hires within days.

Christian Br其他s Automotive is frequently cited in various ‘best place to work’ lists, 尽管“聪明的招聘人员”不能把这一切都归功于自己, the ease 和 flexibility of the platform must surely be a contributing factor.

Read more about Christian Br其他s Automotive 和 SmartRecruiters’ partnership in the case study: Christian Br其他s: Growing a strong franchise by growing strong teams – in every store.


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