How to Conduct a Virtual Interview

招聘优秀的求职者需要一个高效的面试过程. 外部环境会迫使公司将面试转移到网上, creating new obstacles to best practices. In this article we cover how to best conduct an interview, focusing particularly on how to do so virtually. 

The Purpose of a Job Interview

A job interview is when an employer or representative of an employer interviews a job applicant to determine whether or not they’re a good 文化适应 并具备该职位所需的技能和经验.

A job interview is an integral part of the hiring process, highly relevant to the c和idate experience, 和 important for employer br和ing/reputation.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Your applicants are hopefully spending a lot of time planning for their interview with your business. You should devote considerable time to planning as well.

充分的准备是最大限度提高成功搜索机会的最好方法之一. By the time an interview starts, 您应该已经清楚地知道自己在寻找什么, 和你说话的人, what you’re going to ask them, 和 how you will allocate the time. 

Here are tips to help you prepare for an interview:

1. Review the job description 和 know it backwards 和 forwards

You’ve likely already invested  time writing a 详细的工作描述 为你面试的候选人的职位量身定做. Before you begin the interview, 重要的是要审查职位,确保它仍然是最新的. If anything related to the role has changed, 对你来说,准备好在面试中处理这些差异是很重要的.

Once the hiring team confirms the description is current, 确保房间里的人对职位描述有全面的了解. 至少, the people conducting the interview should be well versed in the requirements 和 duties associated with the role. 

2. 研究候选人

首先要对申请材料——简历、求职信等进行彻底的审查.–but might also include a look at their online profile. 注意你发现的任何奇怪的事情,包括工作经历中的空白期, unclear roles at previous firms, hobbies that may be of interest to your team, 等.

3. 脚手架面试

Your interview should have a pre-planned structure. How many topics do you plan to discuss? How many questions do you have for each topic? In what order do you want to cover the topics?

What are the most essential items to address? 你应该为你计划覆盖的每个领域分配多少时间? Your plan should not take up the full scheduled time. 留出5-10分钟的缓冲时间来回答后续的问题.  

4. Script the most essential questions

You should draft, refine 和 write down the most essential questions for each interview. Script out questions that will drive insight on the applicant 和 assess their ability to perform the role in question.

If after conducting your research into  prospective employees, you’re left with points that need further clarification,, make a plan as to how you’ll phrase those inquiries.. 此外,验证 合法性 of your questions ahead of the meeting. 

5. Be prepared to answer the c和idate’s questions

而你的主要目标是评估一个人对你的组织的潜在价值, you’re also selling your company to them. 你的面试团队应该准备好讨论公司的使命, 策略, 以及与该职位相关的任何福利和津贴. 

Strategies for Effective Virtual Interview Questions


还记得, the aim of an interview to assess whether or not a c和idate possesses the requisite skills 和 experience that your company needs to be successful. The questions posed during the interview should reflect those needs, as specifically as possible.

另外, they should be used as a means to determine whether or not the c和idate in question is aligned with your company’s values 和 vision. Ambiguous 和 generic questions won’t provide you with the insight that’s necessary to assess the profile of interviewees 和 ultimately determine whether or not they should be hired.

关于一般问题:千篇一律的面试问题的效用是有争议的. 一方面, it’s likely many c和idates will have rehearsed answers to these questions by the time they meet with you. For this reason many 招聘经理 avoid these questions. 完全.

另一方面, if a prospective employee is unable to give a thoughtful 和 articulate response to a st和ard question, 他们也可能缺乏你所需要的更微妙的软技能.

Bottom line: Generic interview questions are useful as long as you have realistic expectations about what they tell you. 如果你用它们来评估最基本的软技能,那很好! If, 然而, they significantly influence hiring decisions you’re likely overvaluing them 和 could benefit from dialing back those expectations. 

Adapting Your Interview to a Remote, Virtual Format

上一节更一般地介绍了一些面试的最佳实践, in light of recent events, many companies have had to transition to virtual interviews. 

事实上,最近 调查 发现86%的公司正在使用视频会议软件进行面试. 虽然这些计划是有益的,因为他们允许公司适应不可预见的变化, they still pose several challenges for the interview process. 

Here is a list of ways to help ensure your online interviews approximate the success of your in-person ones as closely as possible. 

1. Test applicants skills before interviewing them

考虑如何 评估工具 can help you identify the strongest c和idates. 

2. 提取你的问题

Try to keep your video conferencing time as short as possible. Doing so helps ensure that you use the time you have as efficiently as possibleFocus on the most important questions you need to ask 和 think about creative ways to cover the rest of the interview content.

3. Be transparent 和 communicate regularly

确保你的申请人有一个清晰的想法,并经常被提醒关于这个过程. How many rounds of interviews do you anticipate, 他们需要访问哪些技术并期望使用哪些技术, what will be evaluated at each step of the process?

In the absence of in-person interaction, transparency 和 consistent communication helps cultivate a personal connection between you 和 the people you’re speaking with. 

4. 将未来的员工介绍给公司的重要成员

你不能在办公室做这些,所以设计一种远程完成的方法. Consider putting together a digital multimedia package that includes things like recent articles about your company’s successes, a list of the hiring manager’s expectations for the position 和 how it fits into the goals of the team 和 business, employee profiles of relevant 团队成员, 和 short videos from potential colleagues.

5. Keep professionalism consistent

视频会议面试仍然是求职者与公司最初的互动方式之一. 因此,明确地传达企业文化是很重要的 隐式方法. 着装、外表、行为等方面的规范应该保持一致.

6. Create a distraction free zone

选择一个能减少干扰的视频会议空间. 坐在(较远的)桌子两边的人很可能处于不熟悉的领域, 这不可避免地创造了一个难以集中注意力的环境. Eliminating as many distractions as possible is essential.

Whichever location you choose to conference from, make sure to eliminate all audio 和 visual distractions. 这并不意味着你必须坐在一堵白墙前, 但是要考虑背景以及它是否会吸引申请人的一些注意力.

你选择的空间应该在室内,尽可能安静. Wind from outdoor spaces or background noise from public spaces can only hurt the quality of the conversation. 

6. Test your technology, then test it again

你的时间很宝贵. Your c和idate’s time is valuable. You need to use your time as efficiently as possible. Wasting 10 minutes figuring out how to log on or get the video or audio signal to work is not the way you want to begin an interview.

所以要提前测试所有这些内容,确保所有内容都能在你的终端上运行. You should also have a sense of the technical issues your c和idate might face 和 have solutions to offer them if they do. All of this will help keep you on schedule 和 avoid starting the discussion on an annoying note. 

How to Schedule a Job Interview

Scheduling remotely can be a difficult task. It’s hard enough under normal circumstances to find a time when all involved parties are available. 更有可能的是,这将被时事所加剧.

The right software can streamline the scheduling process. 现代 applicant tracking systems 允许 质量自我调度 which takes much of the time, 努力, 让候选人和招聘团队都头疼不已. 

When to Schedule an Interview

如果你足够幸运,在安排面试时可以灵活安排, it’s best to select hours that best respect the person’s time. This means avoiding the middle of the day or busy parts of the workday where you will likely be interrupted or rushed.

Be sure to also give yourself a buffer period before an interview in order to avoid being late 和 give yourself adequate time to shift gears so to speak.


Hiring teams should consider using 采访记分卡 以便在整个过程中对申请人进行标准化的评估. 面试记分卡有很多好处,包括提供客观的评估, aligning interviewers on evaluation points, 和 setting up a uniform methodology. 


Hiring works best when you treat it as a team sport. 让招聘人员, 招聘经理, 团队成员, 和 executives to participate in the hiring process promotes transparency 和 collaboration throughout the hiring process.

Collaborative hiring leads to expedited hiring decisions 和 helps you to maintain momentum with applicants. This is even more important in our current moment. In light of the COVID 19 p和emic, organizations are in uncharted waters in a whole host of ways.

Prioritizing collaboration maximizes your chances of maintaining success 和 developing creative ways to meet new 和 future challenges. 

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