Manufacturing TA Gold: Rethinking the Hiring Process with Caroline Boyce of 美国钢铁与金属

For an industry in transition, recruiting is the secret ingredient for agility.

美国钢铁与金属 (AIM)是加拿大一家快速发展的回收公司. 足迹遍布六个国家, 他们雇佣了超过3个人,000 people 和 are looking to become the largest recycler in North America.

随着公司寻求扩张, the talent acquisition (TA) team has grown from three to 12 in a year. And what these recruiters have quickly realized is that they would have to overhaul their hiring practices to facilitate the company’s growth 和 expansion goals.

At a time when the 制造业 industry has been experiencing many challenges such as outsourcing, 自动化, 贸易技能差距, 工厂附近人口密度低. It is an industry in transition 和 AIM sees upgrading its hiring processes as the linchpin towards successful transformation.

要了解更多, 安博电竞官网采访了卡洛琳·博伊斯, 公司的TA主管, about her team’s strategic plans to source 和 hire in this new industry l和scape.

As part of the ten-part series “Ten Things I learned at 招聘的成功” we catch up with Caroline at 招聘成功旧金山这是安博电竞官网从美国钢铁和金属公司的改革中学到的.

为安博电竞官网做好准备. AIM之前的招聘情况如何?

安博电竞官网是一家制造公司, so an easy application process is key to getting great talent to apply. 然而, the application used to take 30 minutes for someone who wasn’t used to working with a computer – the whole process was very heavy for the c和idates. 最重要的是, 安博电竞官网的工作通过申请人跟踪系统(ATS)展开, 招聘网站, 甚至电子表格.

We were really excited to have one system that would allow c和idates to apply with a few clicks 和 would have all the information in the same place, 安博电竞官网发现的是什么 SmartRecruiters.

What would you like to see happen with the recruiting function within your company?

The biggest change is going to be to increase our hiring manager engagement in the process. Right now we are recruiting 1,000 people every year with only 12 recruiters centralized in Montreal. So, one of the goals is to decentralize our recruitment 和 get more internal ambassadors. This will help our hiring team become more involved with recruitment.

As a 制造业 company, do you hire for many specialized skills?

安博电竞官网雇佣许多在维修和机械方面的专业技术人员. Some of these positions include crane mechanics, labor workers, 和 even IT. 安博电竞官网雇佣制造业的所有人.

How do you feel more hiring manager engagement will help make hiring for those specific roles easier?

I think more engagement will ensure a great c和idate experience for all our applicants. We are also taking a three-pronged approach by investing in our employer br和ing, 文化, 和技术.  

C和idate experience is so important these days because most job searches are painful 和 stressful for the applicant. 没有人会给他们回电话,雇主也不会给他们回电话. My wish is that we create a great c和idate experience that applicants actually enjoy. 所以即使他们收到了很多offer, 他们说, ‘嘿, AIM进行得很顺利, 我喜欢这里的文化, 我想和他们签约.’

See more from leaders like Caroline in the next part of the blog series – 10 Things I learned at 招聘的成功 – where we gain insights into the future of recruiting with Tim Pröhm of Kelly Services. 还有,下次一定要加入安博电竞官网 招聘成功欧盟-阿姆斯特丹 将于2019年9月10日至11日举行.


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