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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Hiring Success Glossary

What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system, often referred to as an ATS, 是自动化招聘过程的软件应用程序吗. 虽然最初设计为工作应用程序的存储安博电竞,以帮助遵从, today’s ATS solutions organize and streamline the hiring process from source to hire. Legacy recruiting practices, such as spreadsheets and email chains, 当面对今天快节奏的期望时,达不到要求, competitive job market. ATS software 增加招聘人员的生产力和能力, hiring managers, and HR teams with a centralized database. 具有广泛的能力来提高招聘团队的效率,同时吸引顶尖人才, ATS software can:
  • Scan, sort, and rank candidates
  • 只需提交一次,就可以在各种各样的招聘网站上发布安博电竞官网
  • 通过电子邮件和短信向潜在候选人提出面试请求
  • Build, manage, and maintain career pages
  • Keep teams on track to meet hiring goals
申请人跟踪系统提供了大量的工具来节省宝贵的时间, 增加招聘团队的生产力,提供一致的流程,同时改善候选人的经验.
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What is the best applicant tracking software?

招聘人员和招聘团队的申请人跟踪系统结合了功能和易用性. Notoriously feature-rich, selecting the best ATS can be overwhelming. The best ATS should have the following:
  • Candidate portal
  • Open APIs
  • Marketplace for 3rd party vendors
  • Career page builder
  • Agency Portal
  • Great UI/UX
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Event management
  • Globally compliant
  • Native AI to support unbiased hiring practices
  • Cloud-based
  • Future proof – easily scalable
  • End to end solution from source to hire
  • Native CRM
一家公司未来成功的最佳预测因素是其雇员的质量. 雇佣更聪明的人,节省时间,达到你的目标 为招聘人员、招聘经理和候选人提供最佳的求职者跟踪系统.


一个成功的ATS能够将被动的招聘团队转变为主动的招聘团队, productive, cost-efficient operation. According to data from the annual SmartRecruiters customer survey, a modern, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use, 直观ATS的申请者数量增加了118%, 人力资源专业人员在招聘相关活动上节省了48%的时间, 反应时间快了53%这表明招聘经理的参与度提高了. Additional key benefits of an ATS include:


ATS软件使人力资源专业人员能够在招聘团队内部和与候选人进行清晰有效的沟通. The hiring teams can leave notes, engage decision-makers, communicate with each other and candidates, 并在平台内安全地、轻松地分享简历. Due to the candidate tracking system, 在整个招聘过程中,求职者不再从缝隙中溜走,与公司的联系更加紧密. 经理和候选人都在循环中,所以不用再猜测他们在招聘过程中的位置.


ATS solutions 提供分析工具来衡量招聘和招聘策略的成功. 招聘专业人士可以利用实时数据主动预测招聘需求, build a recruiting pipeline, maintain an active workforce at capacity, 并准确地确定围绕成本的关键指标, quality and time within their hiring function.

Recruitment Marketing

在如今严峻的就业市场上,端到端的招聘策略至关重要. With an effective plan and robust ATS, 招聘专家可以吸引和吸引未来的求职者加入他们的雇主品牌. 这可以通过广泛的战略来实现,包括; programmatic job advertising, CRM活动,活动,社交媒体活动,代理关系和推荐.


顺应性是ATS最初的灵感来源. 遵从性的世界是广泛的、复杂的,并且不断发展的. There are a number of considerations to be managed depending on where a company operates; for example, 一个全球性的组织必须适当地支持从平等就业机会委员会到 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 在全球范围内,不同国家和不同州的合规法律不尽相同,因此,正确的招聘实践和一个良好的 modern ATS solution 支持这个充满挑战的环境至关重要.
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