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千禧一代出生于80年代初至90年代中期. 根据大多数定义,确切日期是1981年至1996年. 千禧一代的年龄从20岁出头到30岁中后期不等.


Millennials are the fastest growing segment of the workforce so it's no wonder employers are scrambling to understand how they act and behave in the workforce. 就像每一代进入劳动力市场的人一样, millennials are defined by a set of traits and desires that have been shaped by the economy and cultural background they grew up in.


  • 千禧一代伴随着科技成长. 本土的笔记本电脑, 智能手机, 和移动应用程序, 他们对科技了如指掌,并努力将其运用到工作中. Millennials know the benefits technology can provide both in the workforce and day-to-day life, 寻找利用强大技术的公司 & 社交媒体策略. 他们不太可能热情地为一个落后于现代科技的雇主工作.


  • 千禧一代的父母在他们的童年时期非常重视团体和团队活动. 日托、足球和家庭作业俱乐部对他们来说都是家常便饭. They know the value of teamwork and the positive affirmation/support that comes from working closely with 其他s. 他们忠诚于团队和一对一的关系, 但往往被视为对公司等大型机构缺乏承诺.


  • 众所周知,千禧一代每隔2-3年就会跳槽去寻找更好的工作, 更多的竞争地位. 大多数千禧一代的简历会比婴儿潮一代显示出更多的工作多样性. They are confident in their ability to find new opportunities when they feel like they have outgrown their current role or workplace. This has led to employers crafting perks and position to tailor to millennials wants and preferences. 你可以感谢千禧一代提供的康普茶.


  • Unlike previous generations millennials are less interested in fast tracking their careers to high level roles. 对这一代人来说,灵活和自由的时间往往是最重要的. 他们努力争取工作和生活的平衡, 灵活的时间表, 远程工作, 还有在家工作的津贴. This is often seen by older workforce generations as lazy as is a notable point of contention between ‘boomers’ and millennials.


  • Millennials are often characterized by their high confidence, ambition, and goal driven attitude. They expect employers to give them meaningful work and expect to be learning throughout the course of their job.


  • 据说千禧一代喜欢被关注、积极的反馈和指导. Coming from an age of constant digital contact and reinforcement through likes and social shares, 他们希望自己的成就被公众所知,并被公开宣扬.


既然安博电竞官网已经确定了千禧一代的定义, 你可能已经通读了上述信息,并感到震惊. It's important to further break down how to connect with and engage millennials as they are quickly dominating the workforce.


  • 什么是更好的, 一个几乎不怎么投入的员工,却在你身边工作了10年, 或者一名员工工作满3年后离职. 这是一个简单的事实,婴儿潮一代的工作忠诚度已经消失了. 现在人们经常换工作,所以不要再期望在简历上看到长期工作. Hiring employees that have a myriad of job expertise under their belts is a great way to bring a diverse professional powerhouse onto your team. 你可以打赌他们会教你一两件关于社交媒体的事情.


  • 不,我并不是说用俚语会让你听起来很脱节. 千禧一代成长过程中,各种各样的技术随处可见. 他们经常使用缩写和技术术语. 谷歌,, DM我, 下午我, 萍他们, 千禧一代会用这些短语来快速有效地交流吗. Brushing up on abbreviations and current technology abbreviations will help you avoid sounding like a luddite during the hiring process.


  • 这不再仅仅是钱或工作保障的问题. 千禧一代在职业生涯中寻求成就感和更大的目标感. 他们希望自己在职场的时间能对驾驶产生更大的影响. If you simply craft a mission statement for your organization but don’t put it into practice, 千禧一代会一眼看穿. Are you just an applicant tracking software company, or do you strive to minimize frustration in the 候选人的旅程 去做他们喜欢的工作?


对老年人的歧视是什么? 年龄歧视被定义为基于一个人的年龄而产生的偏见或歧视.

年龄歧视并不是什么新鲜事, however with a recent push to hire millennials we are starting to see older generations being pushed out of and discriminated against within the workforce. 此外, the negative externality of companies’ drive to hire millennials is leaving older generations, 谁也能胜任相同的职位空缺, 在招聘过程中.

将近三分之二 年龄在45岁及以上的工人曾遭遇或经历过年龄歧视. 这样的数字很难被忽视, especially when in the past decade we have seen massive increases in the cultural acceptance of marginalized groups. 不像其他群体, 似乎年龄仍然是安博电竞官网可以随意歧视的一类人. 那么,新涌入的老年歧视的罪魁祸首是什么呢? 然而,这个问题的答案同样与千禧一代以及他们对科技的共同热爱有关.

Millennials are technology natives, and they bring this comfortability with tech into the workplace. 这项技术带来了不可否认的好处, 但这往往会在千禧一代和老一辈之间留下巨大的技能差距. Employers often adopt new software in order to bring their companies into the 21st century and attract millennials to their job openings. 申请该职位的年长员工, though arguably more qualified than their counterparts are unfamiliar with the software being used and thus are deemed unqualified.

雇主需要退一步,评估他们的招聘流程是否存在年龄歧视. It's worth noting that often a millennial will apply to a position with little to no knowledge of a specific software program or tool. 不像老一辈人, the employer will assume that the millennial will be able to quickly pick up the software and this doesn't think twice about it.

One of the simplest ways to evaluate whether or not a candidate is qualified regardless of age is to focus on the objective facts. 应聘者是否具备这份工作所需的技能? 应聘者是否对这里使用的工具有特定的知识, 如果没有,他们在过去是否表现出了适应和学习的能力? 老一辈人的简历中很可能有很多这样的例子. Asking yourself these simple questions allows you to source and hire both millennials and older generations. Millennials and Boomers both bring unique perspectives that in tandem make a company a powerhouse of innovation backed by decades of proven know-how.


It's almost impossible to talk about modern recruiting and talent acquisition without touching on the subject of millennials. 通常是在工作中的千禧一代成长起来的时候, 他们被赋予了一种负面的形象,充满了对他们这一代人的刻板印象. 尽管代际差异一直存在, 毫无疑问,千禧一代正在彻底改变现代职场.

Ignoring the preferences and patterns that millennials employ in their search for meaningful jobs will quickly leave you with missing out on 顶尖人才. 截至2020年,近一半的劳动力是千禧一代. It's time to start seeing past the stereotypes that plague millennials and see the positives. It’s key to also take a minute to assess your hiring process and make sure it treats all candidates fairly. 仅仅因为千禧一代更年轻就雇佣他们,会导致低质量的雇佣. 拥抱技术,同时承认随之而来的技能差距. Make an effort to focus on ways to engage and embrace the vast changes that are inevitably coming to the workplace without falling into the trap of an ageist hiring process.


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