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Text recruiting software provides recruiters with a more personal form of communication to candidates, 加快响应时间, 增加接触, 并导致更多 负责招聘过程. An astonishing 96% of Americans own a cellphone with 81% of mobile devices being Smartphones (皮尤研究中心,2019年美国智能手机). Recruiters are turning to messaging via SMS (text) or WhatsApp as a way to connect with candidates in a timely manner that is convenient for both parties. 简而言之, 文本招聘 is an efficient communication platform that can speeds up the recruiting timeline, 深化与候选人的接触, 并改善了候选人的整体体验.

WhatsApp的最佳实践 & 文本招聘

通过自动化短信/WhatsApp消息, hiring professionals can reach large groups of target profiles quickly and efficiently. Have an upcoming career fair or national hiring day event, internship program, or campus visit? Bulk messaging invites are an efficient way to communicate reminders and attendance confirmations. Candidate notifications can be automated for each step in the hiring process – letting candidates know where they stand at all times. While constant contact with candidates can accelerate the hiring process, it can also have some pitfalls without effective messaging. 因为信息的私人化, recruiters need to ensure to keep the tone professional at all times. Always start an interaction with a candidate by asking their permission to text and establish a business relationship. 其他 helpful guidelines for impactful SMS and WhatsApp Messaging include:
      • 及时回复候选人
      • 只在工作时间给考生发短信
      • 构建文本消息模板来统一消息
      • Do not abbreviate or use hashtags, slang, jargon, or acronyms
      • 使用正确的语法、大写和标点符号
      • 避免使用符号和表情符号
      • 仔细检查自动更正
      • 避免讽刺和不恰当的话题
      • 不要害怕展示个性和幽默


保持你的 招聘短信 brief and focused while being your friendly and engaging self. When a text becomes too long or covers more than one topic, it is best to switch communication formats to an email or a phone call. Do not deliver delicate information, such as job offers or rejection notes, via text messaging. 简单有效的短信示例包括:


作品简介: 嗨迈克尔! 我是XYZ的Pam. 你在申请中选择了发短信. 用这个号码发短信还行吗? >Jim, Pam from ABC Corp. 我喜欢发短信. 你呢? Please do not hesitate to text with any questions you may have during our process. 你好奎迪,我是帕姆,ABC公司的招聘专家. You were recommended for an Assistant Regional Manager position. 我想占用你们10分钟的时间来讨论细节问题. 什么时候打电话合适? 你好菲莉. Jim Scott recommended you for the Assistant Regional Manager position at XYZ. 我想安排一个电话讨论这个职位. 你周五上午10点有空聊天吗? 谢谢你!! 帕姆 发送面试确认邮件: Stanley, the team is looking forward to meeting you at the interview on (DATE) at (TIME). 你能通过短信YES或NO来确认吗? 发送面试提醒: We are looking forward to meeting with you today at (TIME). 这是一张到安博电竞官网办公室的地图. (地图地址)如果你需要进一步的帮助,请告诉我. Dwight, the XYZ team is excited about your interview tomorrow! 如果你有任何其他问题,请发短信给我. 发送面试跟进: 嗨梅雷迪思. 谢谢你能来. 很高兴认识你. 如果你有任何问题,请随时安博电竞官网. 祝你过得愉快! 嗨,奥斯卡. I hope your interview experience with ABC Corp was positive. 安博电竞官网希望得到您的反馈. 请点击链接完成一个快速调查. (调查链接) 为了让应聘者进入下一步: 祝贺简! ABC公司想安排一个第二轮面试. Please click on this link (schedule URL) to schedule your interview at your earliest availability. 你好,托比. Please check your inbox for your offer letter and employment details. 谢谢你!! 回答后续问题: 很好的问题! 以下是安博电竞官网福利包的链接:(福利URL)


SmartMessage是一个 现代文本招聘安博电竞 by SmartRecruiters that will allow hiring professionals to increase the frequency of conversations and deepen candidate engagement. SmartMessage will help you stand out from the competition by leveraging the high read and response rates of messaging. Recruiters will be able to send and receive real-time SMS and WhatsApp messages while safeguarding global compliance. HR professionals will also have confidence in the success of text campaigns with insights into their effectiveness via configurable dashboards and reports. SmartMessage将使人力资源经理能够: 
  • Reach 10X potential candidates instantly and get higher response rates at speed
  • 自动化候选人的自我调度和确认
  • 使用自动提醒来避免面试未到者
  • 对所有渠道使用一个中央收件箱
  • 与候选人进行更频繁和实时的互动
  • 获得更快的响应,减少延迟
企业级,自建, SmartMessage will encourage user adoption due to its seamless experience. No matter what the unemployment rate, top talent is always in demand. Beat out the competition while driving a more efficient hiring process with SmartMessage, 2020年8月首映.

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